Seaview mess frock modeled with front view

Seaview Mess Frock

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In the same way that a locally foraged 'Eton' Mess can really give you the taste of summer, this frock is made from up-cycled Sea View Yacht Club mermaid sails which are lovingly embroidered and crafted into a two piece dress; a bodice and a skirt,.... which can of course be worn separately.

Made to order these frocks; are a definitely unique. 

The back of the bodice is adjustable with Spectra cord lashings, with knot fasteners.

The skirt has a Vivanaut rose patterned Soft elastic waist band.

Colours and Embroideries will be different on each item depending on the wind direction of the day of production. 

Main fabric colours include, Purple, Orange, Grey, Black, Red + Blue.

Main Fabric is Nylon Ripstop, well worn in after a few years sailing around the Solent. ( which is much better than Garment washed) 

 As these are made to order delivery is 4-6 weeks, so lets chat that through via email or the phone...




450g disected blackberries from the secret lane up from the sandy beach

1 tbsp caster sugar

4 Ready made meringues, broken up by hand

6 Scoops of Isle of Wight Vanilla Ice cream.

400ml double cream, softly whipped



Mix the Fruit and whipped cream together, and then layer with the other ingredients, in which ever order takes your fancy, ensuring there is nothing left.

Serve into individual bowls, and eat with long handled teaspoons.

Seaview mess frock modeled with back view
Seaview Mess Frock
Seaview mess frock detail close up
Vivanaut logo on seaview mess frock
Seaview mess frock detailed close up
Seaview mess frock detail and stitching close up
Seaview mess frock pattern detail close up
Seaview mess frock stitching detail close up
Seaview mess frock material and stitching close up