The story...

The peripatetic and prolific journey to get this Vivanaut project started has taken me (Piers Thomas, all around the globe and given me the opportunity to live in a city (London U.K.); on the west coast ( Southern California); on a couple of south islands (Sumner, N.Z and Seaview, Isle of Wight, U.K); and now a south coast (Lymington U.K.) .

I learnt the craft of pattern making  from a student of Valentino within the fashion industry in London, while also being exposed to the design process from a pure and unadulterated artistic expressive perspective.

I have worked with World champion athletes, Olympic athletes and passionate amateurs, from a multitude of sports creating innovative product solutions while also gathering insight into what really is the root and culture of each and every activity. Understanding the value set and fine balance of technology and sport culture blends into the unique “tech’motional” quotient.

My growing collection of vintage maritime and workwear garments has been a long time passion which really allows me to understand modern garment history in the same way that I learnt a lot about how to really surf when I rode my 1956 Hobie surfboard everyday in Ventura in the 90s. She had absolutely no rocker, floated almost below water level, and the massive single fin protruded out beyond the tail… she has to be handled with care but once acknowledged and walked she would just sing on a wave and allow an oceanic connection that was unique.


This new Vivanaut journey is starting with a natural expression of garments and life tools that blend innovative technology with a respect of history along with a dollop of love and culture.

We are making tools for the sports that inspire me at the moment… hydrofoil kite boarding, sailing and cycling.

..thats wheels, wings and water...